(Another) Archaic Analogy

In Poetry on October 24, 2011 at 9:56 am

Under the hawk’s eye
an actual adventure
burns your bread
where even the
ratio of rationality
is a mark of the measure
of how well a man dominates
your life.

Do you have a husband or not
and if he is there
have you managed to
raise his roots in your soil
have you been condoned
to consign to his credit
where even your
form and fluid
have marked your martyrdom
how well has the
transfiguration been
from being a bride to a
pinafore clad pawn.

Credits you receive
if you stretch to stand
as a ballet babe
on her tired toes
and if you haven’t
you are carelessly condoned
to forget your wings
they say if you aren’t a wife
you aren’t whole as a woman
another archaic analogy
that chokes my ears
every now and then.
Rinzu Rajan writes in an attempt to sear away from the boudaries of cliche. Despite the lack of formal training, Rinzu Rajan has written poetry in over 30 forms. Her work has featured in Bicycle Review, Houston Literary Review, Poetry Bulwayo, Red River Review and others. She has an anthology ‘Gestures‘ to her credit with four other poets.
  1. If only every
    devoted husband could
    build a dance stage
    and crown his bride
    queen of his heart.

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