The Golden Sparrow Literary Review is dedicated to the advancement of the reckless fun in promoting art manifested in words that are trying to ridicule or idolize nightmares, philosophy, culture, spicy chicken curry and space tourists.

A small magazine with big expectations and a gigantic appetite for contemporary writing, we are looking for new writers and new projects. New means things that haven’t been tried before or things that have been tried before done differently. We are looking for writing with a unique voice.

We are looking for poetry that confuses us, almost. Verse that can keep up with the 21st century attention span. Writing that leaves us with an excitement that is subtle, perturbed and anxious. Non-linear, abstract, surreal, innovative, visual and/or experimental: ‘nuff said.

We will host annual poetry contests each year during the months of Sept-Dec.

The 2011 Golden Sparrow Poetry Prize is now closed. Follow our blog for notification regarding the 2012 Golden Sparrow Poetry Prize. Congratulations to the winners!

We read submissions year round and reply within 7-15 days (often sooner). Please read our submission guidelines before you submit.

We are listed on Duotrope.

Click image to see listing

We aim to publish two new poems each week and an annual anthology in print and .pdf format.

We will be accepting submissions for chapbooks in 2012 and will also host our first chapbook contest to launch it. Join the mailing list for updates and announcements.

We have a special Showcase Segment where we will highlight the work, aesthetic philosophy and pet peeves of a chosen artist. There is no submission process for this. The poet will be chosen from the submissions we receive every 2 months. We will post an interview and a detailed bio in this segment. Each year our focus will be on a different region and/or genre of poetry. Our present focus is on ‘Writers of Asian Origin’.

At the GSLR we believe that the future of writing depends on working together to build an independent market rather than to detune and dumb down literature to fit into corporate and commercial frames. Take a look around, send us ideas, proposals, feedback or anything smeared in lit-cool. Review the work or send us your comments on pieces you really enjoyed. We will forward them to the artists and trust us when we say it; there is no better payment than honest review and feedback. Participate, donate and subscribe. What more can we ask for?


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