Lunar Weekly

In Poetry on September 29, 2012 at 5:20 am

A cluster of asters chose to nestle in my front yard
next to the snowball bush. And sunlight always hits
my Galaxy that’s parked in the circle drive orbiting
an old blue water pump.
Did you say Junior Ray?
Haven’t seen him in… seems like a light year.
I now call him Cosmic. Cosmic Ray.

He sent me a newspaper clip that says his band’s gonna play at the
Lunar County Fair & Pottery Meet.
The name of his band?
They’re called Zodiac Event Horizon.

Yes… I know. That name is boring, but…
he is the 7th son of the 7th daughter of the 7th king of the 3rd Ice
Cream Cone & Clam Soup Shop on the
west side of town, so he is a little short in creativoli.

But stars are on his side, and he just won $79.79 from
the Polka In Our Lifeline radio show.
That should get him by
‘til the eagle doth fly.


Rick Stokes has written poetry most of my life, but it’s always been private; like sneaking a smoke behind the empty warehouse after school


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