In Poetry on January 3, 2012 at 1:42 pm


I board the T-Line
limping worse than

room only,

until a young woman
offers me her seat,

resting her hand
on my shoulder,

saying nothing,

then hobbling away
into my dreams.


Chad Haskins lives in Newnan, Georgia with his wife and two sons. Chad has worked as a cafeteria dish washer, UPS truck unloader, and retail store manager. Currently, he works as a high school teacher. Chad has a soft spot for his wife, sons, comic books, crime fiction, writing, and long showers. His poems appear in Rose and Thorn Journal, Blue Collar Review, The 5-2, Pure Slush, and Untitled Country Review.

  1. Sometimes I really enjoy the moment when the first line of a poem contains something simple but totally alien to my own culture, and suddenly the poem becomes arcane and esoteric. It’s an unintentional effect on the part of the writer… or is it? After all, I am very conscious when I put something specifically Scottish into a poem. Anyhow, I have to imagine what the ‘T-Line’ may be (no, please don’t tell me, let me enjoy this enhancement) before I can drop into the moment of the poem.

    Marie Marshall

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