Bullets and Baseball

In Poetry on January 3, 2012 at 1:48 pm


It was a bullet
off the bat
of Mark McGuire
that rifled just over
the left field wall
of Busch Stadium
in 1998
that eclipsed Roger Maris’s
Home Run mark
recorded back in ’61
before the advent
of andro, HGH & steroid cocktails;
before the Boys of Summer traded
a true love of the game
for the insatiable greed
of collective bargaining;
back when starry-eyed little kids
like me
still had heroes.

It was a shot
that accomplished
what most bullets aspire to,
eradicating that
which is pure,
innocent & natural

and that which
will never be seen again
in this lifetime.


Ben Rasnic lives in Bowie, Maryland where he earns a paycheck as an accountant for a paper recycling company in Alexandria, Va. His poems have appeared in numerous online and print journals including Camroc Press Review, Right Hand Pointing and The Orange Room Review.


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