Troubadour Kaul: Letters to Samārā – Fire & Ice

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Troubadour Kaul is a collaboration project between the two Indians exploring poetry, travelogues, prose, photography and music. Their art-words have appeared in Short Fast & Deadly, Kindling, Fleeting Magazine, Cha: An Asian Literary Journal,  and others. More work by the duo is due in print issues of Full of Crow, Redaction: Poetry & Poetics, Alligator Stew, Micro Poetry Anthology & The Anthology of Contemporary Indian Poetry. Despite the Best of the Net & Pushcart Prize nomination their ranking in the Indian arranged-marriage-market remains dismal and now an MFA in Poetry seems to be their modus operandi.

While Vineet Kaul rents out his vocabulary to his partner-in-rhyme, the Troubadour brings his imagination to the table. Neither of them, however, is bringing any bread to the table. Maybe that is what happens when you collaborate with your alter-ego.

Twitter Handle: Troubadourkaul

Know the Poet:

Favorite Poet(s) –

The last book of poetry you really enjoyed –
‘Averno,’ by Louise Glück

Themes you usually write about –
Love and Existence and their various permutations and combinations.

If you didn’t write poetry you would…
Sing and play my guitar a lot more…

The poems you enjoyed reading on GSLR –
Ariana Bleyker – The Conquest of Bread
Carrie Vacarro Nelkin – Heliotrope.


Letters to Samārā: Fire & Ice – Troubadour Kaul

Dear Samārā,

Dressed in volition, addressed to void,
vulnerable to all things volatile;
when downcast nights overwhelmed my sight
I flinched with the angst of the weeping child
in the suppressed corner of my mind.
I wonder why I even tried. Time is too cold to reverse.

I never said a word, for beyond
the remonstrance of glaciated smiles
I was content staying frozen inside.

Salvaged from subconscious clamor by the bilabial beats
of consonants draping the stillness of my sighs,
your plosive percussion of words
conjugated to your noble light
constructed in the chapel of your tropes
resuscitated my pulse with sun-drenched hope
through the illumination of your voice.

Moonlight rendered uncloaked hides tonight
in somnolent leaves huddling the bough,
it’s silver body coy of your sweltering smiles,
it’s continuum frail adjacent to your solar eyes;
your body soaked in a brown-skinned light,
your semblance of gold, your pregnant woman glow;
your eyes afloat, buoyant with the weight of dawn;
your diction brusque as the truths you pose.

Your love like new wind scratches its back against the window of my soul,
scuttles the length of my throat urges me to excerpt those thoughts into words

I am no monk’s revelation obscured by saffron robes;
I am no consciousness raring to eat you alive,
I am just an arranged derangement of darkness and light,
a baffled bewilderment out to love and loathe,
arbitrarily manifested into flesh
and then cheaply interpreted into words.
I still haven’t got the hang of life.
A moment’s wisdom is all I yearn.

I’ve shined my lips with a school-boy’s smiles,
their innocence with new wrinkles sterilized
and felt our confederacy of Fire and Ice assert
a frigid truth that our mind congeals
a supple warmth in which our bodies glow:
they both can soothe, they both can burn.

And thus I quote the meter of your fiery wings flapping,
mimicking the silence of simmering coal.
“Your body must burn to spread its light.”
I wonder why I even tried. Entropy is too fiery to rehearse.
Though I never said a word,
the hoarfrost of my schadenfreude
had already started melting inside.

Genuinely Yours

Troubadour Kaul’s Letters to Samārā: Fire & Ice is the WINNER of The Golden Sparrow Poetry Prize 2011. ‘Fire & Ice’ has been nominated for the Pushcart Prize 2012 and Best of the Net in 2012 (Sundress Publication) by our editors.

  1. Your poetry is fresh and images pretty.! Keep writing.!

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  3. Your imagery enthralls Troubador! Enjoyed reading your The Per Capita Blame in Reading Hour.

  4. Congratulations!!! Just read THE DECLARATION!

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