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Michael Ceraso currently works for the administration at the City University of New York at Queens College.He received a BA in English from SUNY at Oneonta College and hopes to begin an MFA in poetry in Fall 2012 at Queens College. When asked “What are your poetic aspirations?” his response is, “ that’s definitely a question that stops me in my tracks, but I’d say that since this medium of self expression has chosen me and is persistent in its drumming from deep within, it wants me to do my damnedest at being as truthful to myself as can I be, as faithful to my being here as possible. Of course, there is the added bonus of an audience that just might whisper to themselves, somewhere in their wicker chairs below a summer sky or wrapped in crinoline beside a dwindling fire, “yeah, me too”. His poems have been published in Third Wednesday, Suisun Valley Review, Gloom Cupboard, Bare Hands Poetry and Askew Poetry Journal. He has poetry forthcoming in The Copperfield Review’s Fall 2011 edition, as well as the Fall 2011 edition of Utopia Parkway, a Queens College CUNY Literary Journal.

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Know the Poet:

GSLR: Favorite Poet(s) –
A few of the poets who have inspired me most are Frank O’Hara, Theodore Roethke and Walt Whitman.

GSLR: The last book of poetry you enjoyed –
Alexandra Teague’s ‘Mortal Geography’, especially a poem called Color Theory.

GSLR: Themes you usually write about –
I tend to revisit the feeling that Hope is so intense, so robust that it will always overpower the anxiety born from the uncertainty of life that assaults me from time to time. Hope’s virility outlasts the idea that this existence is an exercise in futility. Unlike this response, I think I do it quite subtly in my poetry. Other themes emerge from childhood memories, interactions with family, nature and the places I’ve visited.

GSLR: If you didn’t write poetry you would –
I never had enough discipline to play the guitar the way I’d like to and I’ve been getting better at it as I’m getting older. I know I have a definite musical essence within that should have been nurtured more so I’d like to think if I weren’t a poet, I’d be a musician/ singer. It’s either that or a national dart champion.

GSLR: 2 poems you enjoyed reading in GSLR
‘Heliotrope’ by Carrie Vaccaro Nelkin and ‘Rumi tells me in a dream’ by Taylor Graham.


Click and MoveMichael Ceraso is the Reader’s Choice Finalist in the Golden Sparrow Poetry Prize 2011.


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