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Kyle Kushnir was born and raised on Canada’s west coast, where he currently lives in Victoria, BC with his husband and cat.  An actor and playwright, he turns to poetry in an effort to survive a dreary desk job, and he strives to write poems that accurately reveal the moment, whether large or small, beautiful or profane.

Twitter Handle: kylewkushnir

Know the Poet:

GSLR: Favourite Poet(s):
(Currently) Allen Ginsberg, Charles Bukowski and D.A Powell.

GSLR: The last book of poetry you enjoyed –
The last book of poetry I enjoyed was D.A. Powell’s “Chronic”.  His previous collection, “Cocktails” is probably my all time favourite – I read it every few months, and it is never far out of reach.

GSLR: Themes you usually write about –
I often find myself exploring the repeated motifs of a poorly remembered suburban childhood.

GSLR: If you didn’t write poetry you would –
If I didn’t write poetry I would chew my fingernails a lot more.

GSLR: 2 poems you enjoyed reading in GSLR –
Periodical Love by Ricky Garni and Enough, Already by Jean McLeod Hendrickson.


Search Results : daffodilKyle Kushnir

Narcissus (plant) –

not old enough to drink
but old enough to have traded in the round corners of boyhood
for the tight-bellied fuzz of a young man;
old enough to understand his erection
but still too young to turn it’s attention on anyone but himself,
so he sits for days and throws his seed on the riverbank

Image Results for daffodil –

brown bulb carcinoma deep in her lungs
perennial blossoms of yellow cancer shot through her body

dead rabbit on the gravel shoulder
legs crushed by a passing car
daffodils already mark its grave

my grandfather’s face
a pale petal when the oxygen stopped

Daffodil Days –

ears cocked for ice-cream chimes
grass streaked knees
rainbow trout caught near the goose field
Tete-Jaune Cache

News Results for daffodil –

three days pass, and he is risen:
the stone removed
his body gone
the olive trees swollen

Kyle Kushnir’s Search Results : daffodil is the Golden Sparrow Poetry Prize 2011 Finalist. “Search Results: daffodil” has been nominated for the Best of the Net in 2012 (Sundress Publication) by our editors.

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