Enough, Already

In Poetry on November 13, 2011 at 4:07 am

Now, I have to drink the whole damn bottle myself
make shadow puppets on the wall:
Starry Night, Views from the Asylum
Ah! Van Gough would be so proud.
Your shift into eternity is another trick of light.

Is it much different where you are
or just in superficial ways like—I don’t know—
none of the men wear baseball caps,
or the cats speak in tongues?

Perhaps it’s like Paris: fresh at dusk;
hot and rude on summer afternoons,
a loaf of bread under your arm
as you stroll next to a man who spits on the sidewalk.

Do they let you play guitar?
Cheat at poker?
If not—what the hell—
ride that white horse back through the veil.

What’s the point of staying over there
when I’m stuck here with half a bottle of wine,


Jean McLeod (Hendrickson) lives on the Chesapeake Bay because if she moves any further east, she’ll drown. In during hurricane season, she cowers in the bathtub and produces poetry and prose enough to keep editors in mulch for their gardens. Mulch component has been more difficult since the advent of electronic submissions. Her work has been published in magazines, newspapers, and literary reviews in the USA and Great Brittan.


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