Two Poems: Ricky Garni

In Poetry on November 7, 2011 at 11:25 pm


I am always looking for a smaller thing and I usually find it, but when I find it I love it because it is smaller and when I love it my love makes it bigger, so naturally I don’t love it anymore and I look for smaller things to love. This has happened so many times that my room is filled with huge things, and I can’t look for anything anymore. I can barely move. I am learning to love big things, but I mustn’t tell that to anyone. Only the small things need to know and they already do and by now there are so few left that it hardly even matters.


Periodical Love

I like to roll up the newspaper.
A story about a wedding in London touches a fire in Egypt.
And then they hug and fall asleep.
While outside of all of this, Hagar slacks are reasonably priced
only inches away from interesting countries, to understand
this certain magic real estate you must know you must know.
Pants without will never meet the countries that sleep within.


(1) Ricky Garni is a writer living in North Carolina who enjoys saying: “Hey – your toes look like they are     from another planet or something. I’m serious.”
(2) Ricky Garni has no last name. He likes his middle name, so he puts it last.
(3) Ricky Garni cannot speak French but enjoys saying “Yes, I speak French” in English.
(4) Ricky Garni says: Yow, my achy back.
(5) Ricky Garni has never broken his nose. Has yet to break his nose.


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