Kyle Hemmings – Part 1

In Poetry on November 7, 2011 at 11:07 pm

Tokyo Girls in Science Fiction: Alita Has a Runny Boyfriend with Glass Moons

Her magic 8-ball is a boy who calls himself Destiny Nova. When it rains, they hold hands in the Tokyo subway, or make love in destroyed rooms with brutal cat longing. She knows his schizophrenic zones will someday break her heart, will cause her endless embarrassing meltdowns before men who never wash their own sheets. On some days, she’s thinks: my future [a prostitute with Bette Boop eyes, working the bottom floor of a skyscraper. Just so I can buy a cure for my Nova boy, who by that time will be hopelessly catatonic.] Today, he is building a contraption of wire, fiberglass, and metal parts from the scrap yard. He says when it is completed it will be called The Unknowable Machine, one that can translate the unspeakable thoughts of the other. He then locks himself inside her. She feels so naked. He. So other-ly alone.


Slowly, She’s Coming Back to Earth

She’s a failed astronaut. Her day begins from whatever bed has shuttled her safely to morning light. By the time dust has settled in her craters and closets, she’ll know who will stay for lunch and who will consider loving another vast space, too big for theories or life-expanders. She wants to have a child who will float, who can touch cold planets – who will always keep a mean distance from her alien selves. If a boy, she might name him Albedo. Or Vallis. But the man last night was too long for the bed. She dreamt of sending him Dear John messages by satellite. Plus, his feet were as cold as Mars.


Kyle Hemmings lives and works in New Jersey. He is the author of the chapbooks: Avenue C and Cat People (Scars Publications) and an upcoming e-chapbook, Tokyo Girls in Science Fiction. His work has been pubblished by TenPagePress, Gold Wake Review, Nano Fiction, Wigleaf, NAP, and elsewhere. He blogs at http://upatberggasse19.blogspot.com/




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