Do Not Feed the Animals

In Poetry, Pushcart Prize Nominations - 2011 on November 3, 2011 at 4:51 pm

A dog barks orders in the boardroom, pointing at hoops set on fire. You are why his tail is wagging. You signed a contract when you shook his hand to jump through them to amuse his customers.

A hen clucks at eggshells back home, it’s a bad time to burp. Her tilted neck poses a gaze that insinuates your breakfast was omelets. She’d peck your eyes out could she decide; were you the best or the worst thing to have happened to her.

A duckling whimpers on a park bench, estranged from her flock. You’ll be conjoined if you offer her your shoulder. Yesterday she saw her reflection in the pond; ugly as hell. The problem is that she is sad as if there was any more to it.

A hyena laughs at the perimeter, circling the pride’s leftovers. Death smells funny. The joke is that one day it will be his turn too. The loudest laugh is reserved for the truth. Let him gnaw at meat trapped in bones as if it owed him the pleasure.

A pair of doves stares at the horizon eager to greet the sun with wings of wax. His hands too deep in her pockets; her too deep in his. Rooted in convenience, they’ve agreed to melt each other with their notions of sunset.

Black bears slouch on bar-stools. Don’t lend them your ear – your head is smaller than their mouth. They failed the circus auditions. What do they know about bicycles? Five shots from hibernating let them blame the vodka on the winter.

Do Not Feed the Animals. It is your faith they are after. Fight them, not yourself.



Troubadour Kaul is a collaboration project between two artists who indulge in poetry, travelogues, prose, photography and music. They came together in 2010 in a last ditch effort to merge their influences since they’ve been told it is 21st century chic to do so. Despite being recently nominated for the 2011 Best of the Net and 2011 Best Short Writing in the World, their ranking remains dismal in the Indian arranged-marriage-market.

While Vineet Kaul rents out his vocabulary and cynicism to his partner-in-rhyme, the Troubadour brings his imagination to the table. Neither of them, however, is bringing any bread to the table. Maybe that is what happens when you collaborate with your alter-ego. Always looking for (more) collaborations and feedback, you can e-mail him at vineetkaul85@gmail.com. ‘Do Not Feed the Animals’ has been nominated by our Editors for the Pushcart Prize.


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