General Submissions Open

In Announcements on October 14, 2011 at 10:15 am

Golden Sparrow Poetry is accepting unsolicited poetry submissions.

We are inclined towards innovative, experimental and free-verse. Poems that have original images that haunt us long after we’ve returned to the rigmarole of our daily routine.

Poetry longer than 40 lines may not make it past the editorial cut unless it has brilliance we cannot deny. We prefer shorter work and only accept long poetry for our contest (more than 40 lines). We tend not to publish formal verse or rhyme poetry and it is simply a matter of personal taste and not a judgment on poetry but you can still send it in. If you surprise us, we may surprise you.

Long and Short of Lit: We are looking for poems that use language, words and form in an innovative manner.

Please send only 3-5 poems in a 3 month period. We will solicit more if we like what we read.

Response time is 15 days though we often reply much sooner.

Check out Submission Guidelines here for General Poetry Submissions.

Submit via Submishmash or email us at editors.gslr [at] gmail [dot] com



Editors @ GSLR


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